It's Always Something

Just your average American college graduate with no motivation and a healthy dose of cautious optimism about law school. These are my thoughts, comments, and all the other weird shit rolling around in my brain. Enjoy!

I am having an extremely shitty day. 

Boyfriend and I had a fight last night, we’re still in a snit today but we’re like 65% made up. 

Having had said fight, i didn’t sleep well or enough.

I need more coffee.

My eyes sting like a bitch.

I had to make no fewer than THREE calls to the goddamn body shop about my FUCKING bumper.

I’m going to have to get a rental (for which I will bill my neighbor because he hit my car in the first place; but for his inattention i would not need a rental you dumbshit

I have a gazillion things to do, my bar app will not make it in on time, i am having difficulties pinning down a professor to have a meeting to ask if he will write me a rec letter for my bar app, i am suffering from massive cramps, and all i want to do is go home, eat my body weight in lucky charms and go to sleep.

my sleep schedule is so fucked.

Okay that’s enough complaining, back to work.

Character & Fitness


Went to print final application, and my printer is out of ink. 

of course. 

Going to get this bitch notarized tomorrow and mailed off. 

My resume is updated, now all i have left is the state supplement that bears on the deadline. 

I may actually have this shit turned in on time. 

Somewhere inside my head, the little procrastinator is dying a little. 

Now, sleeps.

Bar App Panic Time

Working on character & fitness. 

trying to decide if a ticket for driving with expired tags constitutes a moving violation or not. 

Five of six references have agreed; must contact one more. 

One of three rec letters agreed, one contacted, one to contact still.

nevermind the actual state supplement. 

and fees. Jesus fuck, the fees. 

substantially less panicked than i was a week ago, or even two days ago. 

completely fallen off the no-carbs wagon today. 

shawarma for dinner. 


Okay now i need to go walk my dog.